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Seungri was constantly being hit by the gifts. At first, Jiyong was laughing at him but when he realised that Seungri is in pain, he immediately rushed forward to protect him. He recently called me out to have a drink and I agreed. If I were to tell him about the groups I liked, I would have revealed my identity. You should have met them a couple of times right? But when he is with Seungri, even when Seungri says something lame or not interesting at all, he would laugh. The two of them are also toilet partners. Why do they go to the toilet together? These two will still go missing and suddenly appear.

Final Chapter 15

I formulate theories and speculate of different subjects that interest me. I had a nice request from a friend to post a theory on one of my biggest interest, Nyongtory. Maybe part of it or none of it.

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Nyongtory Fanfic. After Jiyong left, Seungri decided to take a bath, and change in some nice clothes, after all, today was the big day. That helped Seungri, so he decided to open the door and face Jiyong, immediately Seungri was held in a warm and loving embrace. Jiyong decided to break the silence. Jiyong started walking with a big smile on his face, while Seungri was more interested in the carpet. Once they got there, all of the members were looking at the couple, but nobody dared to say anything, they just waited for an explanation.

Jiyong being the most confident on the couple decided to speak first. Both of them walked on stage hand in hand, the cheering died down at the sight of them, but after a minute is became louder than before. The fans immediately fangirled, which made them feel safe. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

Nyongtory Fanfic After Jiyong left, Seungri decided to take a bath, and change in some nice clothes, after all, today was the big day. Did something happen?

obsession managed — Nyongtory Fic Recommendation List part 1

The fresh smell of black coffee wafting out from the cup was enough to make me stay awake despite not having a wink of sleep today. This was a quirk of Kwon Jiyong- the more I love someone, the more I tend to bully them. That moment, I grabbed the opportunity and caught those pouting lips with mine. Looking at other couple who are walking together at 8 am in the morning of the day, I see us in them.

Suddenly he stopped, making me halt too. Just remembering it sends me into a smile.

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Rating: PG Warnings: Light sex and mild cursing. Also very, very random—no real plot. A small bit AU, because I do not really mention their singing activities much. Author’s Note: This is a gift fic for comicbookending. I did promise to keep you in mind when writing one of your favorite pairings, no? I tried to include the other pair too, I think you like them too, right?

Special thanks also to changminsgirl , who commented on an older fiction of mine. HUGEST thanks so far to haydenyune , comicbookending , and hardlychosen for constant pokings and talk. Have not seen you in some time, but miss you! Thanks everyone who also messages! My livejournal inbox is flooded with constant support and messages from everyone, making me very dizzy and grateful because all these words are coming from a million places.

Finally, dedicated also to tamaofdeath , a new commentor.

Fanficton Nation ⌲ — A night at a club~ // Nyongtory //

He could feel the warmth of the morning sun, the light shined into their hotel room. Slowly, he blinked back the brightness and saw the adorable sleeping man still in his arms. Jiyong smiled, this was one of his favorite parts of being in a relationship. He loved waking up to Seungri. He especially loved when they had no schedules, no where to be but to be with each other.

The ABC’s of Nyongtory ~ Prologue Fandom: BIGBANG/ Nyongtory x Reader (​Poly!Triad) Synopsis: Warnings: Rated M – There is no actual smut in this chapter. However If you haven’t read the FAQ for this fic, you can do so HERE. We’ve been dating for over a year now and the press has no clue.

Jiyong hated it. A certain uneasy dark feeling invaded his heart each time Seungri thought it was okay to blabber about his relationships. And just like that, Seungri stopped talking to him about them. He retreated from Jiyong and locked himself in his mind castle where no one can reach him. Everyone thought Seungri was only carefree and cheerful. He was in some way but he had a deep dark mind that even Jiyong found trouble reading.

Sometimes he will act like Jiyong was his favourite hyung, and others he would just toss him out as if he was nothing. Maybe Jiyong was indeed nothing.

Nyongtory Part 3

Inspired by an article by Sam Fahmy talking about the ten things you should know before getting married. They were both getting on a bit in age and they wanted to walk down the aisle before they had to use walking sticks, if possible. The couple had been together a long time discreetly, without the interference of the world. Marriage was a major step, and even though they were fully committed, did they really know what they were getting themselves into? Jiyong and Seungri had been married for over ten years.

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Let Me Be The One

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NOTES: It’s really strange because these fics are a departure from my style. Ji and Ri’s What happened to NyongTory?” “I had a girlfriend when I was in first year so no need to deny it. It’s okay. Also, your fic, Dream Catcher (which is like​, my fave AU ever) served as an inspiration, unconsciously.

It was crammed. People had come to celebrate all at once under the same dim lights. Cigarettes were running their thick smoke in the air towards the ceiling. Shot glasses clinked here and there as groups of friends poured down a round of soju, or something more expensive. Competition winning DJ played his best mixes out and the single ladies went crazy feeling the rhythm and seductively making eye contacts with the attractive hot name.

There were also those a little ugly dudes who were too shy to even step the tips of their shoes on the flashing floor tiles but horny enough to stare at the girls who climbed up on the little round stages and grabbed the poles with both of their slender hands to show off their smooth moves controlled by their completely drunken brains that would later drive their bodies to make bad decisions with bad boys.

They were wrecks. One of the modern rotating chandeliers reflected purple light at a glass sitting on a table half-full. Young man with blond fluffy hair in need of a new color treatment pointed at it with a lime paper umberella he had saved from his own earlier coctail, leaning on the table with both of his elbows. Finish it. This other guy was keeping a subtle eye on the few girls that had seemed to recognise them from the dance floor.

He could read the name guesses on their lips because the lightning was good where the girls discussed, a spotlight pointing right at their shiny long hairs that were spread with glitter at the roots and curled at the ends. How trendy, he thought to himself.

Nyongtory — So it is kinda confirmed that Ji is dating Nana…

Scene take place in Jiyong and Seungri apartment, their having an argument about coming out about their relationship. Jiyong: Time! All I keep hearing you say is you need time. I love you and you say you love me,. You know what? Jiyong walked toward the door turned the knob and signal for Seungri to leave.

Their wet juice tongue looked as though they were playing tongue of war. Seungri Hell T.O.P and Daesung been dating for years. Seungri: Jiyong: Our fans already support nyongtory I think they will be okay to find out Nyongtory is real. nyongtory gtop nyongtory fanfic gtop fanfic todae todae fanfic.

Account name: Password OpenID? Forgot it? Remember Me. Seungri goes out every night. Seungri whines, when Jiyong crawls out of bed before the sun rises to write things down. He scribbles down inspiration, and then gets back into bed.

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It had been a long time coming, twenty years to be precise, but the date had finally been set. Seung Hyun and Daesung were getting married and they couldn’​t.

He can dance, sing, draw, paint, write! He’s so cool too and popular that the whole school’s inlove with him. But those aren’t the reason why you like Kwon Jiyong class 3-A, straight A student, student council president. You like him because of how he curses when he’s late for class, of how he smiles apologetically to you when his fans are hogging the space and you can’t get to your locker which is beside his , of how he gives you a candy everyday which are all kept unopened in a jar by your bed , of how he – There are millions of reasons for you to like him aside from his talents and you, Lee Seunghyun class 1-C, so-so student, nobody find one each day you see him; each morning when he says Hi!

It’s okay. Is she pretty? And that’s okay with your little heart. You’re so used to being ignored and it’s tiring trying to be known. It doesn’t hurt that he ignores you when his fans are following him, when his group of ‘cool’ friends surround him during lunch. And it certainly doesn’t hurt when he laughs at you get soaked by cola as a prank. Like it’s not killing your heart and the hope he builds every Saturday because seriously, it doesn’t hurt any fucking much.

It’s so sudden and unannounced that your Dad’s being transferred to another city. And your parents are worried you’d be leaving school just before you finish 1st year. Only a couple more weeks, only a couple more days.

“Hyung!” [ONESHOT & Gift Fic – GRi, light DaeTOP]

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