Louis C.K.’s ‘Fat Lady’ Episode Won an Emmy For This Brilliant 7-Minute Monologue

So, a woman speaks deeply personal lines revealing her inner truth on television — except the script was written by a man. Nothing new there. I mention this first to label it as a problem and set it aside. Seriously, we need to remember that the vast majority of words spoken by women — on television, in film, in plays — are actually men’s words. Let’s work on fixing that. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the clip. I appreciate how Louis CK puts forth some important social issues in comedy. And I appreciate this scene in which a fat -ish woman tells Louis “her dating reality” and he quickly adapts, as nice guys do, and holds her hand in public as she has requested. Then he ties the whole scene up with a comedically violent fat joke, at which she laughs obligingly, both of them thankful for the levity after her disclosures.

The ‘fat girl’ speech that made TV history

On Monday, the Emmys honored that episode with a writing win for Louis C. It’s not hard to guess that the monologue had a whole lot to do with that accolade. The episode, and the monologue in particular, are worthy of a close rewatching.

The transcript is below: Vanessa: Try dating in New York in your early 30s as a fat girl. Louie: You’re not – mean You’re not fat. Vanessa: Ugh.

For most critics, it was a stirring performance by Baker, and a stand-out episode by Louie , although some conceded that the monologue, written by CK, may have been a bit heavy-handed. See the reactions below:. A sweeter offering that took a big risk at the end by entering into a lengthy discussion about body image and sexual double standards as it relates to fat people in our society. Fortunately, because the episode took the time to introduce us to the character of Vanessa Sarah Baker from Go On , and her likable, engaging persona, we were more willing to go with her there at the end when things took a more serious turn.

Tim Surrette, TV. Eric Adams, A. What results is a powerfully honest monologue about body image, written by C. Danielle Henderson, Vulture : I mostly liked this episode, but it got a little heavy-handed at the end. Not all of us fat girls have a secret speech stored inside of us, or are content to replace the possibility of love with the immediacy of hand-holding. And actress Sarah Baker, who plays Vanessa, knocks it out of the park.

‘Louie’ recap: Episodes 3 and 4, ‘So Did The Fat Lady’ and ‘Elevator Part 1’

Chances are you already know what happened on Louie this week. The Louie episode raised an issue with a thinking-about-it to talking-about-it ratio of about a million-to-one: the way our culture devalues women who are overweight. But empathy only takes you so far. Amy, with her eyes Bambi-wide and that little Lauren Conrad braid in her hair, describes what she typically eats: a yogurt and granola for breakfast, a salad for lunch.

Garofalo cuts her off. They look so svelte.

The simple fact that Vanessa is a “fat girl.” She’s more similar in size to Louie than to the thin women he’s accustomed to dating. After turning.

Last night, seven minutes of television left me bawling alone in my room. Total heaving, snot-crying. It was completely unexpected because it came at the end of an episode of Louie , which is actually a comedy. Seriously — watch it. Take a look at this scene:. Vanessa played to perfection by Sarah Baker is a waitress at the comedy club where Louie does stand-up.

She is friendly, funny, pretty, sweet and just generally an awesome lady. She is also fat.

This Scene From ‘Louie’ Is Everything Every Fat Girl Has Always Wanted To Say To Every Guy

Guys to be real fast. Or thin guys? Just no one, and pissed? Advantages and whose experiences, keep watching my big fat girl tumblr. Picking the guy who are not being fat. More secure about fat shamed on the kitchen and it’s like curvy girls are crazy, then with titles like hey young girls is.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. That’s been a feature of the show since season one, when long chunks of episodes would be devoted to, say, Rick Crom explaining what it’s like as a gay man to hear other comics use the word “faggot.

After actively rejecting her advances for most of the episode, Louie agrees to hang out with a smart, funny waitress from the Comedy Cellar named Vanessa Sarah Baker. They’re having a good kinda-sorta-date though Louie pointedly didn’t agree to go on it until Vanessa clarified that it wasn’t necessarily a date until she off-handedly refers to herself as fat and Louie protests that she isn’t. Vanessa then launches into a devastating monologue on the way society treats overweight women, how it isn’t even acceptable for her to point out how cruel this state of affairs is, and how men like Louie fear what people will think of them if they’re seen around women who look like her.

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“Why do you hate us so much?”: Louie’s amazing monologue on the way men treat overweight women

Women: Louis C. Airing just after Mother’s Day, episodes 3 and 4 explore Louie’s relationships with women — from romantic and platonic to parental and filial — in all their complex glory. In an interesting switch of traditional gender roles, Vanessa woos Louie aggressively, badgering the comedian for a date every time they see each other, and even bribing him with hockey tickets.

This counterintuitive setup — and Louie’s negative reaction — forces viewers, especially men, to acknowledge how uncomfortable it feels to be on the receiving end of unwanted attention. Men pursuing women this way, however, is an accepted norm — a double standard shown when Louie and his brother Robbie Robert Kelly openly ogle women in the streets.

Louie reveals his hypocrisy when he shows reluctance to date Vanessa due to her size, yet remains complacent when it comes to losing weight himself.

More dating troubles ahead for Louise? Credit: KC Bailey/FX. ‘So did the fat lady’. The second week of the fourth season of FX’s Louie centers.

Louis C. In the episode, Louis meets Vanessa played by Sarah Baker — a funny, vivacious, pretty and open-hearted woman — at the Comedy Cellar where she is working as a waitress and he, as usual, is performing standup. After his set, she asks him out on a date, but — despite all her appealing attributes — he declines. The next time they bump into her, she once again charms, asks him out again and he says no. The chemistry is there, but Vanessa is fatter than women he’s gone out with in the past and the idea of dating her makes him uncomfortable.

On their third encounter, Louis ends up asking Vanessa out for a casual coffee, leading to one of those perfect not-dates where they wander around the city, getting to know each other and laughing at each other’s jokes.

The Louis C.K. Effect: Why Overweight Men Have Higher Status Than Overweight Women

We either want to see things that are so far removed from reality that they take our minds away from our own lives which we all need sometimes , or we want to see things that closely resemble our own experiences so that we feel less alone in them. They think of that perfect word that escaped us in the moment. They are unafraid of consequences.

It was a 7 minute scene from this week’s episode of “Louie” that started an out Louis C.K., explains what it is like to be a “fat girl” dating today.

More dating troubles ahead for Louise? When he gets off stage after his set at the Comedy Cellar, Vanessa, a cute and round-faced waitress, strikes up a conversation with Louie about how brave he is to go up there and do what he does. I am both of those plus like seven other things. Are you going to be ok? In an examination of the dating double standards that men and women are held to, we next see Louie and his brother Robbie on the street, scoping the beautiful women that walk by.

After debating what to eat: Mexican followed by Italian or sushi, then pizza or the oddly-delicious sounding combo of barbeque and IHOP, they settle on Indian food and a diner. And of course, they totally forgo the gym plans for tomorrow at the end of their feast. Louie goes back to the club and sees Vanessa being funny to a table where inexplicably Ed Burns is a patron , then he tries to talk to a skinny waitress, who totally blows him off.

Louis CK – It Gets Better And Skinny Guys – Oh My God