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By Monica Greep For Mailonline. The coaches, who are in their late twenties, are part of a group called Street Attraction, which attempts to teach men how to pick up girls, and secretly film their encounters before posting the footage online. Undercover journalist Myles Bonnar was taught how to approach women in the street to pick them up – and was told it ‘doesn’t matter’ if girls are ‘underage, it’s not illegal to stop someone’ pictured left, meeting Beth, who was approached in the street by a ‘pick up’ artist. However Myles is adamant, insisting: ‘I don’t know she seems to young, not for me’. After the group move on, they revisit the incident – with the coaches telling Myles that even if he thinks a girl looks underage, he shouldn’t tell her she looks young in case it puts her off him. A coach says: ‘With ones that you think are young like before, it’s better to assume she’s older – even if she’s younger. He adds: ‘Even if you think she looks 17, never say ‘you look 17’ because if you say she looks that age then she might start thinking ‘Well why are you approaching me? Myles was encouraged to speak to women that he was positive were ‘too young’ for him – although coaches continued telling him to ‘assume she’s older’.

Industry Responds to BBC Panorama Documentary on Influencer Marketing

Legal notice – this episode is the subject of a legal complaint. Reporter Fiona Walker investigates how unscrupulous dating websites are preying on those looking for love. Panorama exposes the tricks of the UK’s online dating industry, worth millions of pounds a year. Reporter Fiona Walker investigates how some unscrupulous dating websites are preying on those looking for love and searching for their perfect partner.

She reveals a world where millions of photos and private details are taken from social media sites without people’s consent and reused to set up fake profiles of imaginary potential partners to tempt the lovelorn. Celebrities, politicians and even children are among those whose personal information has been targeted.

Job Role, Production Title, Channel, Company, Date, Network Executive Executive Producer, Panorama, BBC 1, BBC Current Affairs, Mar 19 – to present.

It looked into the training, behaviour and practices carried out by staff at the enforcement company Kingdom, who were brought in by Ashford Borough Council ABC last September in a month trial to tackle littering in Ashford and Tenterden. Now the council has defended its use of Kingdom, and say the wardens had been taken off the streets until further notice while they are given additional training.

We are led to believe that the officers are salaried by Kingdom and do not have a target for issuing fines. Before the scheme was launched in September last year, Ashford council leader Gerry Clarkson said the softly-softly approach to litter enforcement was not enough. Let nobody be in any doubt about our resolve to stop those who are flouting the rules. Listings service brought to you by KentOnline for local businesses who are offering services during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus is devastating families across the country. Here we pay tribute to those who have died from the virus in Kent. Show customers your current service status during the Coronavirus pandemic on our Open for Business Directory. The Compassionate Community Awards recognise and celebrate the work of unsung heroes from across the borough of Maidstone.

BBC Panorama investigates News of the World computer hacking

Please refresh the page and retry. He was in a relationship with Donna – why should it be any of their business if he had sent her the odd bit of cash? He should now be enjoying a comfortable retirement. Instead, he is paying off creditors, using his pension. I thought we were going to get married.

offerings in Panorama, and I look forward to seeing you in the date and location information: painterly textures, Ratté investigates the fine line between free of charge from the Parking Services Office at or online at.

May Allah bring you joy, happiness, peace and prosperity on this blessed occasion. Wishing you and your family on this happy occasion of Eid! Discover the way of your Success. Visit: Eposfact. Investing wisely in business is critical as we are in a dramtic stuation with Brexit. Find out more how using technology can assist you in managing your business more effectively and be more productive. Check the latest from the so called business partners who are conning both businesses and the government!

Panorama investigates the cruel truth behind the 2 Major third-party platforms for Takeaways. How they abuse so called business partners and the authorities. Why pay for a service where you have NO control over personalisedpromotionsandoffers customerdatabase financialcontrol.

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Seduction seminars regularly take place on London university premises, their central locations making these venues practical and lending the industry academic gravitas. He has 26k followers on Instagram, and claims to have helped thousands of men in his year career as a dating coach. Everyone benefits from meaningful relationships. James Foo, 28, is a property developer based in Singapore who has been using seduction coaches for more than five years.

Panorama is a British current affairs documentary programme aired on BBC Television. Panorama investigated claims that as much as $23 billion (£ billion) may have been lost, stolen or not A series of Panorama Transcripts, dating between –, are housed at the British Library. BBC News Online.

A list of 53 clergy and staff from the diocese was handed to the police in Many were known, however, by, among others, two former Bishops of Lincoln , the programme reports, and could have been referred as part of the Past Cases Review PCR of The review of more than 40, files on diocesan staff, clergy, and lay ministers, dating back 30 years, looked for any evidence that clergy or church workers had abused children News, 24 February Lincolnshire Police, with Lincoln diocese, has since investigated 25 names on the list, BBC Panorama reported on Tuesday; three cases led to convictions.

Not all the names related to child abuse. The investigation, codenamed Operation Redstone, is ongoing. The diocese is committed to learn from its mistakes. Last week, a spokeswoman for Lincoln Cathedral confirmed that two senior members of staff, the Dean and the Canon Chancellor, were on leave while a historic safeguarding matter, thought to involve vulnerable adults, was investigated News, 26 April.

Potentially there was still a risk. Panorama reported that a former Bishop of Lincoln, the late Kenneth Riches, was told in that Roy Griffiths, then a deputy head teacher at Lincoln Cathedral School, had made an attempted indecent assault upon a pupil. Neither Bishop Riches nor Lincoln Cathedral School reported these concerns to the police, and Griffiths kept his job at the school until , when another child-abuse allegation was raised against him.

He remained at the school for at least a further two months, and subsequently took up a post at an Anglican school in Papua New Guinea. They just turned a blind eye and moved on.

Panorama investigates online dating, tainted Love – Secrets Of The Dating Game

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date picture of the state of cybersecurity of countries in Latin. America and the Caribbean (LAC). Using an online tool designed in partnership with the Global.

Ellery E. Photographer and date of photograph unknown. Smithsonian Institution Archives. Image Art and invention have long been intertwined in American culture. Morse — adapted one of his canvas stretchers to create the prototype of a telegraph receiver , literally transforming a tool of his art practice into a medium of technological experimentation and invention fig. Over the course of the industrialization of the nineteenth century, the United States government revised and formalized procedures for granting patents and copyright, thereby changing public perceptions about creativity, invention, and intellectual property and creating entirely new careers for artists: patent examiners, model makers, and technical illustrators.

Patents proliferated and inventions were eagerly heralded in the popular press and public demonstrations. The very act of perception was altered by technology as well, via new visual spectacles, environments, and experiences. Technological developments have profoundly changed all aspects of artistic production, consumption, and display; industrially produced pigments and supports altered the process and materiality of painting itself, and photography and chromolithography yielded entirely new media, fostering competition and leading to anxieties about the status of art.

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Next, the rover engineers will push the drill bit into the target to see how the rock responds ahead of drilling. MAHLI will image the target yet again to see what kind of impression, if any, the drill bit made in the rock. CheMin will also be getting ready for the next Mary Anning sample by running an analysis of the empty cell that is waiting to receive the sample. Comparing and contrasting these targets will hopefully help us understand more about their origin.

The MAHLI image above of the first Mary Anning drill hole, which shows the disappearance of the drill tailings around the hole, makes it abundantly clear that winds are moving material around.

The programme investigated how companies have taken advantage of those with large online followings for advertising purposes, in addition to.

First broadcast in , it is the world’s longest-running news television programme. As of [update] , it still retains a peak time transmission slot on BBC One , but without a regular presenter. Panorama was launched on 11 November by the BBC ; it emphasises investigative journalism. Daily Mail reporter Pat Murphy was the original presenter, [2] who only lasted one episode after accidentally broadcasting a technical mishap.

Max Robertson then took over for a year. The programme originally had a magazine format and included arts features. Richard Dimbleby took over in and presented the show until his death in His son, David Dimbleby , later presented the programme from 11 November — the 21st anniversary of the show. On 13 December , it was announced that the programme would be relaunched during the new year with no regular presenter. Panorama set an example for the German magazine series of the same name, [3] which is produced by Norddeutscher Rundfunk , and broadcast by Das Erste.

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They persistently insinuate themselves in their company, press relentlessly for the intimate details, and, with enough insistence, sex, secretly record it, and then disseminate it, without consent, for as wide an audience as possible. Perhaps you need to fight fire with fire these days, but let he who is without shaky ethical standards throw the first hidden camera.

Whatever the means, Bonnar could not have chosen a more unsavoury bunch to expose: pick-up artists who trade tips — or rather sell them in the form of online tutorials and in-field workshops — on aggressive and accelerated seduction strategies, which make sex seem like a compulsive kind of conquest, dehumanises women, and certainly ignores consent when it comes to a violation of privacy and arguably does as much in the bedroom. Even if it is consensual, sex is presented as a zero-sum game, in which one person has won and the other lost.

Some of the programme is given over to the lagging arm of the law, and under which acts of law such violations may be prosecuted. If anything, though, the women we encounter here seem all too grimly aware of how it feels to be played.

including child abuse, after a BBC Panorama investigation revealed and lay ministers, dating back 30 years, looked for any evidence that.

Company Filings More Search Options. Whistleblower Award Applications can also be submitted by fax to By posting a Notice for a particular case, we are not making any determinations either that i a whistleblower tip, complaint or referral led to the SEC opening an investigation or filing an action with respect to the case or ii an award to a whistleblower will be paid in connection with the case. Effective immediately and until further notice all correspondence for the Office of the Whistleblower should be mailed to:.

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